Sunday, April 18, 2010

when i was young, younger than before

yay! i finished my first roll of film on matt's old manual camera and i was a little worried about whether or not i could actually take pictures without a fancy camera doing all the work for me but it turns out I CAN! now g'wan and have a look-see.

top to bottom: stump, cala lily, matt from nature walk a few weekends back; easter cake; yellow balloon in maiden lane; old and small motorcycle on 18th st; reflection of prada window; 'si se puede' boots by ryan carrington (pictured directly behind his work).


  1. nice job al, you can really tell these are film pics, they look so old!

  2. Nice shots, and precious because they were made with a manual camera on *real* film! You couldn't take, like, 200 shots of each thing and choose the best one. I've been wanting to try a similar project. I still have a roll of film for my old Minolta, and I want to challenge myself to see how many good images I can get with 24 chances.

    Just dropping by via What I Wore's blogroll. :-)