Wednesday, January 20, 2010

but there's better people with more good to do

if you live and/or work in the city, please try to come shop for a good cause at shotwell. consider it your make-other-people-happy hour.

shotwell: 320 grant ave (b/t bush and sutter. right next to chinatown gates.) t: 415.398.9898
title song by: xavier rudd

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

reveling in midnight clothes

sometimes i just gotta let you all know of the music that i'm really into. i'll get really into an album and then it pretty much becomes my soundtrack for a few days/week/month. right now all i want to listen to is bonnie "prince" billy's album 'lie down in the light.' they have a real groovy sound, very grateful dead-esque with an indie-country-folk spin. it's awesome. check it out.

title song by: bonnie"prince" billy

Saturday, January 16, 2010

i wish i had a pizza had a bottle of wine


aaahh, the weekend. perfect time for relaxing in this laid-back-cool outfit. suits my needs for brunching, arts n' crafting (or rather, attempts at), reading, and of course. posing. too bad that's not what i'll be doing this weekend when i'm at WORK. thankfully, my boss gave me the day off on thursday in exchange for working on saturday. so i did get my perfect weekend 'fit did not go to waste. i know. you were worried. i'm still bitter though that the rest of the world gets a three day weekend and i get a one-day weekend. well, at least i have more than enough work to keep myself busy. 

wearing: burnout tank, citzens of humanity; skinny jeans, uniqlo; cardigan, aqua; shoes, jeffrey campbell; hat, gift from a kiwi houseguest; sunnies, from painted bird (or you can get them at shotwell); bangle,i think it's from a tibetan gift place in my 'hood); elastic bracelets; wholesale jewelry catalog; ring, antique.

title song by: girls. great weekend tune. btw.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i ain't got time for the game 'cause i need you

zac posen's lookbook for target's GO international line is out for all of us to drool over for the next 4 MONTHS. really guys? i mean, really? just when i thought i could give myself a break after rogarte now i have to start planning my strategy for the morning these amazing duds make their way onto the sales floor. ps, ms. white lightning, can you think of a brilliant term of endearment for this eagerly awaited collabo? thanks that'd be great.

images and story via fashionista 
title song: guns n' roses

paint a black hole blacker

i've been feeling lately that my wardrobe is a little's like everything i put together is one of the "go-to's" i mentioned earlier. that, and the fact that tuesday's sweater dress made me crave something loose and light, lead to me to this all-black ensemble. i was stoked to see that tieka had the same sort of conundrum on the same day AND that fabsugar is doing an all-month-all-black challenge!

wearing: shoes, zara from italy; tights, target; dress; forever21; jacket, target; headband, goodie. 
title song by: st. vincent

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

love you like a fat kid loves cake

hey! i've been noting all these great new blogs i've found (like, i write them down on all these little scraps of paper and then tape them in my notebook) and i finally added all (most?) of them to my blogroll. check them out. these are just four of like 12 i just added. they are all cool and funny and inspirational and beautiful in their own right. there are a lot of local 415/510 bloggers on there too, gotta represent wut wuutt.

also, i think i'm not into the original font i chose. so i am switching it, let's see how we like it in a little bit. and i gave up on the 3 column was so not doing it for me. and i'm also thinking about changing my banner. any designers out there want to lend a hand?? another change: out with the old (boring) title posts. i'm trying to choose a song lyric or something that fits the post sentiment. all in all, i'm looking to spruce things up here at siggie stylez. any suggestions while i am at it??

i wish i was a radio song, the one that you turned up

my birthday is coming up!! well, not reaaalllly, i still have a ways to go, but i'm pretty sure that aquarians are stoked on their birthday because i love love love celebrating my birth. in other words, the countdown has begun. and even though it was just christmas and i just got super lvoely wonderful thoughtful gifts, that is not stopping me from whipping up a little birthday wishlist. afterall, this year is kindof a big deal...i'm turning 25! here's what i've been eying so far:

i could either go big...i mean ALL.OUT. with this guy.

or i could shoot for more things in a more managable pricerange. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

take two

i have a lot of "go-to's" when it comes to know, things that you can throw on without much thought. well, i decided i don't like that strategy so much, so this year i resolve to make each outfit unique and special in its own right. this is the start of my more inspired wardrobe creations, and i love it! i tried to mix things up as much as possible. what do you think?

wearing: boots, sigerson morrison for target; tights, hue; skirt, thrifted; blouse, zara; sweater, h&m; coat, jcrew (yummy new christmas present from the 'rents!); necklace, antique (it was my great grandmother's can you believe!!?)

west coastin

more lovely pics from my lovely man. 
taken on the northern californian coast where we rang in the new year with 11 of our closest friends.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

east coastin


finally! i'm clearing out the old memory card and posted the promised holiday pictures. matt and i took some lovely walks on the beach, which was weird for me since i've never been on a beach at the same time as snow. i was successfully winter'd out--tretorn boots, wool tights, winter coat, mittens, hat, scarf--and i must admit it was quite beautiful. ps, matt's fam got a new puppy and it just might be the cutsest thing i've ever seen.

wearing: boots, tretorn; jeans, rando brand from nordstrom; jacket,spiewak; plaid flannel, vintage wilkes bashford; hat, kate spade; mittens, gift from matt.
(amazing) photos by matt.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

don't walk, run!

if you are a girl and you live in san francisco, listen up! london sole is having their amazing annual sale!!!! bins and bins of adorable ballet flats are $60/pair. that is pretty much 75% off!!! it's such a deal and it is KILLING me that i must resist temptation due to a self-imposed shopping ban. i just have to keep telling myself, "i am wearing brand new shoes today. i am wearing brand new shoes today" and hopefully this mantra will get me through the day. it's killing me! somebody go buy a pair and then come across the alley to show me!

London Sole
19 Maiden Lane, SF, CA

congrats and best wishes....

UPDATE: or maybe not yet? apparently there was an engagement party with a wedding cake or something? who knows. in my book, they're married already!

to read more, go to guest of a guest or fashionista!

blog crush du jour

hi! remember me?? i'm al, and i write this blog.  i was on vacation for the last little while and even though i brought my computer along with me, i never ended up opening it once. oh well! i hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and new years eve! i spent the past two weeks with family and dear friends, and i can't think of a better way to have spent my time. i do have pictures though and i promise i'm going to upload them tonight!

in the meantime, i have been cruising the web in search of inspiration for the new year and to check out what i've been missing. i'm starting to feel about halfway caught up... inspiration is slowly creeping back to me, but i had to take a moment to share with you what really did it for me.

i've featured secondskin before (see, here) but when i stopped by most recently i was completely enamored! girl has been on-point with her outfits lately! i am seriously digging each one. she masters layers, colors, textures. im sure (or at least i would like to think) that i am not the only one to have blog crushes. right?? sometimes i just jive with one and want to sit there and read the whole thing. and sometimes that's just what i do. and sometimes i suggest you do the same!! 

who is your blog crush du jour?