Friday, August 14, 2009


the genius behind WHITE LIGHTNING coined that little diddy and it is fair to say that everyone should jump on board for that one.

so what is targarte, you might ask??? it is the much anticipated collaboration between rodarte and target for the their "go international" line. rodarte is a fashion and accessories line launched in 2005 by sisters kate and laura mulleavy. their line started as a 10 piece collection and has grown to be one of the most promising, up-and-coming brands around town. always edgy and cool, the sisters infuse tough glam into intricate and feminine and often romantic dresses. the result is phenomenal. for realz, just take a look:

the ratty tights? cutout leggings?? leather boot/pants?? somehow rodarte makes it look delicate and ladylike, and needless to say: i love it.

so natch when i heard about the upcoming collabo with target i was stoked! i have found some awesome things there (never underestimate the targé), but there really is no denying the fact that the less than runway-ready materials can have a fatal impact on a designers' collection. take the alexander mcqueen for target collection. it was pretty. and it was also pretty bad. mcqueen cuts are not going to hold up with stiff cotton and elastic. nothing fit right, the materials looked cheap, and it was an overall disappointment (to me anyways). On the otherrrrrr hand, we have lines like thakoon (surprisingly awesome) and proenza schouler (classic). I have pieces from those collections that have withstood the test of time and wear and sometimes being left in a pile on the floor (oops!). i am hoping TARGARTE falls into the latter of the two possibilities. i wouldn't mind, however, if targarte fell into the third category: looks great but falls apart. sometimes it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. or love and lose, then take to the cobbler so you can love them again. like these sigerson morrison for target electra booties:

one of my most prized target finds, i hurried right over to the cobbler after i broke the heel last weekend and continued to go out saturday night. nbd, they're all fixed now! on a sidenote, when i was cruising for a picture of these i found out a lot of people thought they were awful and was like "reaaallllly?!? they're actually kindof awesome." whatevs.

and so, my dear sisters mulleavy, it is up to you to do us right by your TARGARTE collection. make us look like a badass glamorous zombie from the future, but please don't make us look broke. thanks!

Rodarte for Go International @ Target. coming DECEMBER 20, 2009

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