Wednesday, August 19, 2009

carousels and bows

In recent years I have noticed one major regression in my life. That is, I really don't like wearing pants or socks. I've rediscovered the little girl in me that wore smock dresses with tights and patent flats day in and day out, even whilst playing with the boys. Now, 20plus years later, I'll wear dresses and tights any day of the week, but it has to be some sort of an occasion to get me in pants. That, or they must be a really sick, perfectly-fitting, flattering, comfortable, and all around awesome pair of pants. Good luck with that, right? And socks? Fuhgettaboutit, I barely even bother with those anymore. They are, essentially, prisons for my feet.

That being said, I'm constantly on the lookout for tights to add to my ever-increasing collection. I have all sorts: colors, dens, footless/footed, striped, prints, Chanel (!!!my faves!!!), and lots and lots of opaque black--a San Francisco girl can never have enough black tights. The only tights missing from my collection, it seems, are RHINESTONE TIGHTS!!! Well, not for long!

A fall must-own:

i mean, really? AreYouKiddingMe?? these are fantastic! while we're at it, these have to be in my collection as well. that's right, have to.

Now, I just have to start saving up slash reminding boyfriend/mom/friends/all family members that either pair of these tights would be the

To buy (which you should, especially if you are buying for me) please go to PixieMart. And check out the rest of the sight, too. You'll find lots of super awesome things--like this (I'll take one in medium, please).

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