Wednesday, March 17, 2010

70 ipods for 60,000 cds

if you follow me on twitter, you know that i have been looking around for a new album to get into. on monday i listened to broken bells' self-titled debut, she&him's latest, volume two; and under great white northern lights, a live album from the white stripes. all three were great and totally recommend taking a listen (hop on over to first listen on npr, a great resource, to decide for yourselves). but none of them compelled me to listen to them several times a day for days on end. then, by the luck of the irish, i brought my old, old ipod to work. i have no idea why i did this, since the battery has been dead for years. but i did, and i plugged it in and it started to work!! heaven's to betsey i was stoked! all sorts of old playlists and artists and albums were now at my fingertips (slash electrical outlet because it turns out the old girl only works when plugged in but whatevs). that's when i found an old fave, and my thirst has been quenched!

in 2006, vogue released a two cd set of music selected by the kaiser himself. the collection is divided into two playlists: 'at home' and 'at work--fashion show mix', both mixed by french dj michel gaubert whilst karl supervised. it includes songs by lcd soundsystem, caribou, devendra banhart, the pipettes, and the fiery furnaces. the result is super fun and sometimes when 'at work' comes on i pretend i am walking down the runway in a tweed suit and super hott shoes. what? that is so not weird.

GET IT: vogue presents karl lagerfeld: les musiques que j'aime. available on amazon but not itunes( = lame, i know).

what tunes are y'all digging lately? i'm always on the hunt for new artist and great albums! 
tell me!

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