Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'cause i ain't gonna live forever


so i'm guessing maybe somebody noticed that i have not blogged since janurary (anybody?? no? bueller?). that's about a six week break, and that seems like a pretty good break to me. i had to get my head out of the game for a bit. to (briefly) explain, i felt like my expectations of this blog were turning into something other than the original intent. this is not my personal style blog and i don't want it to be. i want to share fashion news, shopping tips, my style, your styles, and the cool chick down the street's style. basically, i want to make fashion accessible to everyone and it's hard to go about doing that when i just take pictures of what i wear all the time. not to mention the pressure to take "good pictures" and have a "good camera" and have the time to put together a "good outfit" before work every morning. it's cool that people do that (and obvi i read that stuff everyday), but it just ain't me. ya heard?? i'll also be sharing what music i'm into, craft projects, and fun events in the city. i dunno, we'll all just have to wait and see how it turns out. i hope you all can digg that!


title song: BONJOVI hahaha whatofit?!

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