Thursday, September 24, 2009

oops... my b!

so, oops there was a little bit of a hiatus in there but i swear i have really good excuses (some of which are fashion related). but i missed this style outlet, so don't think a month away means i'm calling it quits!

first, i went to europe with the boyfriend for two weeks. we went to amsterdam(for nine hours), florence, santa margharita ligure, and paris. it was fantastic:

then i got back and went to some very special friends' wedding. SO much friends and dance parties all around:

then i got the flu. i was flat out on the couch for three days. no picture necessary.

then i styled a fashion show! a friend (hi, joanne! again!) asked me to help her style her friend's new line. the line in and of itself is awesome--go check it out at and i had so much fun styling it up:

as you can see, i've been kinda busy. york fashion week happened! we have lots to catch up on, and i plan on covering it all, so please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times and remain seated until we come to a complete stop.

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