Wednesday, January 6, 2010

east coastin


finally! i'm clearing out the old memory card and posted the promised holiday pictures. matt and i took some lovely walks on the beach, which was weird for me since i've never been on a beach at the same time as snow. i was successfully winter'd out--tretorn boots, wool tights, winter coat, mittens, hat, scarf--and i must admit it was quite beautiful. ps, matt's fam got a new puppy and it just might be the cutsest thing i've ever seen.

wearing: boots, tretorn; jeans, rando brand from nordstrom; jacket,spiewak; plaid flannel, vintage wilkes bashford; hat, kate spade; mittens, gift from matt.
(amazing) photos by matt.


  1. love your photos al! that puppy is pretty cute, but not as cute as you! xo