Tuesday, January 12, 2010

love you like a fat kid loves cake

hey! i've been noting all these great new blogs i've found (like, i write them down on all these little scraps of paper and then tape them in my notebook) and i finally added all (most?) of them to my blogroll. check them out. these are just four of like 12 i just added. they are all cool and funny and inspirational and beautiful in their own right. there are a lot of local 415/510 bloggers on there too, gotta represent wut wuutt.

also, i think i'm not into the original font i chose. so i am switching it, let's see how we like it in a little bit. and i gave up on the 3 column dealie...it was so not doing it for me. and i'm also thinking about changing my banner. any designers out there want to lend a hand?? another change: out with the old (boring) title posts. i'm trying to choose a song lyric or something that fits the post sentiment. all in all, i'm looking to spruce things up here at siggie stylez. any suggestions while i am at it??


  1. these are great choices. my top favorites aswell! :)

  2. Hi Alexandra-Have you checked out N.E.E.T. Magazine?