Thursday, December 3, 2009

style chain!

good morning! today i am hopping on board with the style chain gang and reppin the 'belted scarf look'. first of all, i love this game of taking what you see and making it your own and then seeing how it compares to the inspiration. second of all, i kindof love this belted scarf look.

so i had my bro snap a few shots this morning since i knew it would be dark by the time i got home (i hatechu, winter) and i would like to say a few things. a) how do people take pictures so early in the morning? i'm like a space cadet before noon. b) this "shoot" was decidedly less goofy that the last time bro took pics. c) um i forget was (c) was because it's still before noon. 

the style chain gang: julie from orchidgrey; christina from secondskin; krystal from thistimetomorrow; indiana from adoredaustin; and now me! from signaturestyles

wearing: scarf and belt, vintage; sweater dress, h&m; wool tights, ogilvy's in montreal; boots, jcrew.


  1. I never really expected this picture to make the rounds quite like it did! awesome take on the belted scarf, bravo!

  2. I really love this look on you! I love how the lines of the scarf look like a important part of the construction of the dress! So great! Its so funny that Orchid Grey said her comment, because I actually didn't even know these chains existed! I was just trying to pay tribute to the master. Its pretty exciting to see it get reinterpreted though. If I would have known this was going to happen, I think I would have tried to change my version at least a LITTLE bit! Oh well!