Monday, October 19, 2009

alexandra wang

last week i asked you, my dear readers, to help me choose a designer to emulate in front of my class. together, we chose alexander wang. secretly, i was pretty sure i would choose him all along, as i am a longtime fan and have a few of his oldest pieces, and certainly want his newer ones. so good choice, you guys! thanks! and here are the results of last weeks poll and costume party slash midterm project.
tah-daH! maybe if i get a good grade on my paper i'll let you guys see that too. we had to present this in class and i went first (i am soooo brave now) and i got some good vibes. what do you guys think of my interpretation? should i get an A+??


  1. i say you should get A+++ :) love the outfit!

  2. Agreed! A ++++
    thanks for the eye candy hot stuff ;-)

  3. let's talk about that bag because if freaking awesome.