Friday, October 30, 2009

all hallows eve

since h-dubs is on a saturday this year, it's basically a two-for-one deal. we have two days and nights to dress up. which is perf for someone like me who has some issues with decision making (see, rainboot posts). i like to do it up, and then do something easy, and maybe squeeze in another costume if i can. this year i have three tentative costumes (work, class, and saturday night). last year i only had two, one of which is pictured below:

so not to toot my own horn or anything, but this costume was amazing. i completely rocked it. unfortunately by then end of the day i thought i was going to asphyxiate on the pounds of baby powder that i dumped in my hair. so when i got home from work (oh, did i mention i wore this work and was pretty much the only person dressed up?) all i wanted was to shower and put on something more natural. for the party that night i wore a nuditard and a wig and was eve. it was great. nuditards are super comfy, full of shock value, and a great investment piece. for anyone without a costume at this stage in the game: go get a nuditard and thank me later.

have fun this weekend and be safe kids! i'll post my trifecta of costumes by the end of the weekend!

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