Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Man Stuff

Becoming a man has historically been a long and sometimes arduous road. "Manhood is not easy," dads like to say, "manhood is something you earn." Depending on where you're from you can get the job done different ways: kill a lion with your bare hands, get laid for the first time, join the army.

Frankly, all that crap is just that: C.R.A.P. Manhood is easy: plaid shirts, Carhart pants, trucks, boobs, beer, football. Done and done. Most importantly though, if a man's gonna kick some man-ass a man's gotta have something on his feet. Boots would be best, and coincidentally the most bad ass boots I've seen in a while are ready to make you a man, maybe even a gentleman. Alden and retailer Context have teamed up to create these super classic, comfortable, durable, works of man-art.

These boots will make you a man without you having to earn a damn thing (besides $450 bucks. small detail). These puppies demand respect. Furthermore, you'll have them for the rest of your life. Think of that. Something that lasts. Something more than a trend.

(h/t AllPlaidOut)

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