Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rainy days ahead

it's that time of year....winter is on its way. in san francisco that means months of mild gray days with hopefully good amount of rain (yes, i went there and while rain is no fun for anyone, it's certainly better than a drought and fires). unfortch for me, my super cute rainboots cracked and now they don't serve their primary purpose all that well. that is to say, they don't keep my feet dry. i can get away with it on light rains, a.k.a. mist, but not for actual drops of water falling from the skies.

i'm not exactly the biggest fan of boots, rain or otherwise (see carousels and bows wherein i discuss that socks are like prisons for my feet. boots are maximum security, but cute). nevertheless, wet feet are pretty awful so i am embarking upon a search for new rainboots. knowing me, this could last all season and then i could put it off again until next october.

chooka lace-up rain boot. nordstrom's. $79.95
too much?? i like the lace-up cuz it's different. and i love the olive green trim at the top.

chooka signature croc boot. nordstrom's. $79.95
too boring? what's up with that big chooka label on the side. but i do like the croc.

tretorn skerry vinter. piperlime. $60.
too short? hmmm i kinda like that. and fur!! they come in a goodlooking brown also.

hunter original in merlot. piperlime. $115.
too expensive? these are the classics though, so maybe they are built to last. hopefully.

kate spade randi. kate spade. $125.
too absolutely ridiculous? yes. but too cute?? also yes.

can we play the voting game on this one? that was so much fun last time. also, please if someone who lives not in a mostly dry climate has any suggestions i would looooove to hear them. i'm all over the place on this one and clearly need some guidance. thanks!!


  1. I think the plastic exterior/fur interior/rain combo is a recipe for smelly, even though I like them best. What about the Hunters with thick socks or legwarmers peeking out the top? And then tights too. (Except you might get really hot/sweaty on MUNI.)

    I like this game. :)

  2. I was wearing my classic rainboots out in Paris and someone said to me: "vous allez faire du jardinage?"...I thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, I've always been a fan of practical-looking rainboots...something nostalgic I guess.So my vote is the short ones with fur!

    xo, K

  3. oh my i need boots i need boots i need boots .

  4. dude, the kate spade ones are amazing. you could totally rock those. I have to say, i love them all.. except for the Tretorn ones. I dont know, something about those shoes reminds me of little boys sneakers. While youre on the topic of shoes..... have you SEEN the jimmy choo/Hunter welly collabo? amazing.

  5. omg the jimmy-welly is amazing! that's kinda what i was going for with the chooka croc boots but they don't even hold a candle to the choos.

    thanks for all the help so far...keep it coming the score is too even!!

  6. the chookas are awesome. I found my aubergine Hunters on Ebay for 69.00- they are factory seconds because of a couple of scuff marks- but other than that they are perfect. great quality too!

  7. i like the crocs
    nana would say that they are a classic
    like leopard print
    always in style
    btw i rock her vintage ferragamo pumps w/the boe at work and always get compliments ;-)
    Nana knows best.

  8. i vote the kate spade boots. that bow is too cute. i live in rome and here it rains ALL winter long. unfortunately, i missplaced my rain boots, but i managed last winter with some super anti-moisture treated leather boots that i dont mind getting a little damp. try looking here:


    good luck with the search!