Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hold up!

wait a minute!

i mean, whoa! aykm? this site is fantasitc! i just checked out and have been trying to control the gasps and coos while cruising the site. i subscribe to a lot of different sale sites/emails, but the outnet is something different. first of all, the breadth and depth of their merchadise selcetion is amazing. they have everyting from juicy to 3.1 philip lim to burberry and celine. and all the sales are between 40% and 60% off! so that means you can get these pants (originally $340) for $102!! a pair of dress pants at h&m cost almost that much and these are hella nice and built to last! amazing!

my favorite part of the website is the "dress me" page. you need clothes for the office? hop on over to slick separates. feeling trendy? check out "back to the 80s" or "monochrome". not feeling trendy? that's cool too over in "classic styles". i loooooove this feature, it totally takes the hassle out of online shopping! (i know, i know. shopping sitting down is not a hassle per se, but clicking through endless pages of stuff you don't want is just annoying). remember to sort prices low-to-high so you don't get intimidated. oh, and! if it turns out that say, thakoon, just doesn't cut for your body, simply send it back for a full refund or exchange (not on shipping, duh). in the world of online shopping i don't think it gets any better than this.


so go ahead, put a little love in it!

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