Wednesday, September 30, 2009


inspired by some awesome blogs.

    • i want one soooooo badly. apparently, however, it cost an arm and a leg (a bun and a pickle in this case??). anyone want to teach me how to crochet?? - DaddyLikey (which is the funniest thing everrrr, btdubs)
    • good call, ladies. pat feild, do not drop the ball on this one. --Fashionista
    • h.o.ween is right around the corner...this year i am thinking... lucy and ricky, since matt and i pretty much are them already expect matt's not latino. --the Glamourai
    • for those of you with cable and a love for the hills and the city, catch these hilarious recaps here and here (respectively). and don't tell me what happens i have to watch online the day after the show. --The Cut Blog

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