Tuesday, September 29, 2009

perfect for the place des vosges

a few weeks ago one of my oldest friends, kailey, showed matt and i around the marais --an almost too cool neighborhood in paris. she brought us to an excellent breton crepe restaurant, then to the swedish cultural center for some courtyard coffee, then to 'merci' aka the coolest store in the entire world, and finally to chill in the places des vosges. it was sitting here amongst the french hipsters and beautiful families, that i realized i want to live here. one day i want to look and act as effortlessly cool as the parisians manage to do.

the first step to accomplishing this is, obvi, owning all shoes produced by MaraisUSA. owned and founded catherine chu and haley boyd (also the designers, natch), MaraisUSA is named after the iconic, eclectic neighborhood that straddles the third and fourth arrondisements.chu and boyd have used their parson's educated minds to create super cute shoes, adored on covetable on so many levels. i'm telling you, all i need to do is to wear any pair of these and stand outside the Musee Picasso and i'll fit right in!

below are some of my favorites, though i am not lying when i say it's hard to choose just one (or four). but at prices this good you don't have to. plus, if you purchase now you can save 25% off by entering POLKADOTS at check out. and that totes means you can add those boots to your order...all the cool kids are doing it.

army boots, $98

tuxedo boots, $145

oxford, $88

two-toned flats, $64

classic pump, $96

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