Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this morning on the way to work i came across the most darling girl at the bus stop. her clutch caught my eye first-- i love the vintage feel and wearing it to work is brilliant! since i'm officially a blogger now, i asked her to pose for me so i could share with everyone the super cute outfit she had on. she kindly obliged, and i am pleased to present the newest addition to the signature styles segment!

she's wearing:
shoes: bcbg, thrifted. skirt: jcrew. blouse and scarf: h&m. purse: iman (gifted). feather hairclip: tigerlily

shannon also gave me a hint for a new shopping opportunity: hayes valley. i haven't been there in a million years but have reason to go this weekend; the local label tigerlily sells their wares in the area (and, there's a boutique that sells MaraisUSA shoes--doublescore!) thanks girl!!

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