Wednesday, December 16, 2009

coming back at 'cha

geeezzz am i the worst or what??  i haven't posted in 5 days! i totally effed up the layout and then spent hours trying to rebuild, and the worst is that i'm not even sure i like the new layout. it def needs some more work, but time is getting harder and harder to come by!however, i do pledge to do my best in these busy times....this blog is such a great outlet for me and i appreciate all the people who have checked it out, even when there is just a weirdo pic of a chick making a silly face (not meeeee, the cartoon picture from the previous post). so, here we go again--onwards and upwards! 

let's start with today's events...i bought myself a little christmas present! i decided i needed a reward after getting all (read: most) of my christmas shopping done and shipped, and starting my christmas cards. plus there was an ahhhhmazing sale on gilt group today. email me if you want/need an invite...somedays it is just so worth it!!!! after much deliberation, paitence, and a little bit of fate, i officially became a gilt customer!

my spoils:

T by Alexander Wand Muscle Tank in Cobalt

American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt

American Apparel Yoga Pants

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