Saturday, December 19, 2009

party on

today officially is officially the beginning of the non-stop holiday party marathon. for the next week, my schedule is jam-packed with one christmas fete after another. naturally, i'll be shopping my closet for most of the outfits (and maybe even recycing outfits, shhhh don't tell!)...but this doesn't stop me from a little online window shopping! here are my holiday picks from modcloth--which, btdubs, is the best place for online window shopping. i'm going east this year to celebrate with my man's fam, so i incorporated some more casual dresses for the laid back parties i have been told to expect.

styling tips: black opaque tights and patent flats or heels--both wardrobe stables-- would go perfectly with all of these ensembles. also, try layering! a thin turtleneck under dress #4 or pullover sweater over dress #2 would be fun and warming tricks. don't forget the jewels...a statement necklace and brooches would knock any of these dresses out of the ballpark, and make them your signature style! 

which one is your fave? have any winter styling tips?

1. freda the snowlady dress, $89.99.
2.the royal park dress in richmond, $84.99
3. sally jane dress, $89.99
4. geometry sweater dress, $52.99. 
5. the kindness dress, $59.99

1 comment:

  1. I personally like dress #4 the best. I love the mix of colors and patterns. However the Swan dress would definitely be a conversation starter/ice-breaker. So I'd pick that one for any party where I didn't know many people. :-D

    "Hey, I like your swan dress. Is that because, like, you really like swans?". Ha ha.