Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the countdown begins

humina humina humina omigosh guys! member in the fall when i was all stoked about the rodarte+target collabo?well not only is it a just a few weeks away, now there's the possibility to get it before everyone else!!! for those  lucky enough to be in SF, NY, or DC, target is launching a little pop-up shop for quick holiday shopping. from december 11 to 13, you go to the store, walk up and pick out gifts, order by number, then pick up your wrapped and ready pressies! and RODARTE pieces are included in the gift assortment! that's NEXT WEEK!  

pic coming soon, the one i chose (and linked to/credited thankyouverymuch) was not working well.

the full lookbook including prices is available for your viewing pleasure here. holy moly thank you so much NYMAG!!!!

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