Thursday, December 17, 2009

why didn't i think of this?

i was so stoked about yesterday's gilt sales that i just had to tell my girlfriends at work, and the favor was most definietely returned! i told my friend sharon about the sale (where she scored a botkier satchel. sweet!) and she told me about dekkori, which is just about the coolest thing i've ever seen.

founded by shoe-lover stephanie kim, dekkori is a line of shoe accessories that glams and transforms an ordinary pair of pumps. the concept is to "maximize the styling options" for a given pair of shoes, turning in slingbacks into strappy sandals or even boots. dekkori is perfect for those on a shoe budget, or when under-the-bed, over-the-door, and every inch on the closet floor is filled with shoes. the possibilities are truly endless.

dekkori just lanched an online shop, and stockists can be found on the sleek and stylish website. it's not too late to put these bad boys on your holiday me, i am!! i can just tell i will be day-dreaming about these until i have my hands on them!

my faves: (ps it is really hard to pick out only five)

the defiance ankle boot

the miracle over-the-knee boot

 the simone lace-up boot

the allison satin ankle wrap

the tiffany fringe t-strap

pics via


  1. those legs be hella skinny

  2. Hiya,
    I think these are really cool and I did a story on them for my blog. I gave you credit and a link. However I just started my blog and nobody is reading it yet so that won't really drive much traffic your way...hahahaha. But for what it's worth anyway.:-) BTW I found YOUR blog through a comment you wrote on someone elses's blog. I like it. Keep it up!!