Friday, December 18, 2009

best dressed

 this week's best-dressed blogger is brought to you by the letters l, e, o, p, a, r, and d. i've had the print on my mind since i picked up a little goodie last weekend (more on that to come) and it looks like i was not the only one. let's take a look at these lovely ladies' spotted SIGNATURE STYLEZ!

1. annabel from blushing ambition. my first stroll to this blog and there's a leopard outfit on the first post. was it meant to be? i think so. this bay area chick rocks the perfect everyday look with a bit of spice and the perfect amount of 'tude.

2. julie from orchidgrey.  this is julie's second appearance on the best dressed list, and really, is there any wonder why? this adorbs ensemble is perfectly proportioned, totally wearable with a hipster/classic vibe. props.

3. jen from jenloveskev. i love the bold graphic snow leopard look going on here! and the pose in the snow on the rock?! fierrrrrce. also, how is she possibly standing in the snow without a jacket and boots, even for one second? that alone will get you on this california-sissy-weather blogger's list anyday.

4. rumi from fashiontoast. my life would be COMPLETE with the addition of this ridiculous furry, printed oversize sweater. i'm pretty sure i would never take it off. probably the same with those d&g wedges, so i'd basically walk around in some rendition of this outfit everyday. is that wrong?

one of my most favorite things about doing these posts is discovering new blogs! two of these girls are new additions to my daily reads! i get really excited when i find new blogs to crush inspiration keeps exponentially growing!! lovesit.


  1. hi! thanks for including me in this! and thanks for reading!

  2. Great post idea. I do a blog on boots. Yep. Just boots. And I've been trying to find bloggers wearing boots in cool ways to profile. So I'm really glad I came across your site 'cause it's been challenging going through and trying to find really good "here's what I wore" bloggers (besides Rumi of fashiontoast of course which all you have to do is fall out of bed and you find her!)Keep 'em coming.