Friday, December 4, 2009

best dressed

let's take a look at the SIGNATURE STYLEZ of the best dressed bloggers this week!

1. advanced style. this is why i want to be old. becuause you can wear a huge faux leopard coat, bright green and pink sneakers (carolyn!! did you see?), leggings, and an old wacky purse and STILL get stopped on the street for a style shot.

2. style rookie. tavi just got back from a spectacular sounding adventure in tokyo and got to pick out her favorite peices by her favorite designer! i mean, how amazeballs is that? plus, she's 13!!!! and she's so stoked on the whole experience that you really just can't help but smile with her. not to mention, this blanket coat is the sickest thing i've ever seen and you should read all about it now.

3. whatiwore. jessica does it again! girl rocks the colored tights and darling dresses and is overall such a positive inspiration that again, it's just hard not to smile with her. this is the type of look i will find myself trying to emulate.

4. the glamourai. oh hi, can i have that outfit for the bazillions of holiday parties i have to go to? talk about perfect proportion, color scheme, warmth factor for holiday party-hopping!.

5. theclotheshorse. the only westcoaster in the bunch, rebecca introduces a more earthy vibe without being in the least bit earthy-crunchy. the outfit is so perfectly original and pulled together. also, ankle socks with tights?? interesting....will give that one a try.

there you have it folks! what do you think of my selection?? have a great weekend!

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