Friday, November 13, 2009

best dressed

here's my round up of favorite outfit shots posted on the interwebs this week. it was a hard choice what with all the stylish ladies, but these 5 looks stood out to me above the others. also, maybe this is just me and the blogs i read, but was this a slow week or what?? it seems like everyone had a million things going on all at once, myself included. which is why i am beyond thrilled to not have class tomorrow so i can experience the saturday morning laziness i think i deserve.

in no particular order, i present you with some SIGNATURE STYLEZ
1. audrey from homerunballerina. loooove that fun skirt! the bright socks and pumps jazz it up but the black top keeps it from going toooo OTT (= over the top duhhhr)
2. Aimee from songofstlye. girl i would rock this outfit in a heartbeat! killer shoes (i want!), vintage tee, & blazer, black skinnies... the perfect recipe for a flawless 'fit.
3. erin from calivintage. another sfbayerrria blogger (see also, aimee from this weeks best dressed). this post was about "seasonal dressing" in our strange climate. i feel you girl, 60 degrees is faaa-reeezing.
4. jennine from thecoveted. this is homegurl's WEDDING DRESS! first of all, i love that this is her wedding dress. second of all, i love that she is wearing it not on her wedding day. also, love those leggings. sidenote, can we think of an abbreve for leggings? leggs? gings? get back to me
5.jentine from myedit. great work outfit. all the right parts put together to form a perfect whole. check out her blog for the deets shot, the ruffle blouse is pretty much t.d.f. (= to die for. geez do i have to tell you guys everything?!)

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