Tuesday, November 10, 2009

better days

the last two days have been rough on me. while usually a pretty steadfast, happy person, for whatever reason dental prciedures throw a wrench into my being as a whole and i tend to melt down in a mayjah way. yesterday was stage 1 of a root canal and this morning i finished it off. i still have to go back next week for a crown. but after today's procedure i threw in the towel, called it a day,  and went home to cry and recover while relaxing on my couch. to help me back into my reality, i enlisted karl, marc, and annie. please join me as i sit back relax and enjoy: 

UPDATE: a fell asleep during karl (oops!), the marc jacobs doc was a great look into the creative process of fashion shoes, and annie leibovits is ahhh-mazing. of the three that is the one i recommend everyone watch. 


  1. feel better chica... i am sure karl, marc, and annie will do its healing magic for you. :)

  2. did they give you any vicodin? that stuff will make you walk on clouds (i had four impacted wisdom teeth removed at once).

    i dont know if this will cheer you up, but this girl on 20sb (which if you aren't part of, you definitely should be - great for networking: http://www.20sb.net) was asking about fashion blogs, and looking for one by a regular person on a regular budget (not those fashion blogs that look likepages out of a fashion magazine featuring $800 scarves off the runway) and i suggested yours, so maybe you'll get some new fans :)

  3. hey!

    Julia mentioned your blog to me so here I am! I did a blog post about the fashion bloggers who seem to wear soooo much designer stuff it's hard to relate to them...

    Anyway now i've had the idea of writing about fashion bloggers who are just everyday people with everydy budgets and who manage to look amazing still!

    p.s. loveed the Karl Lagerfeld halloween outfit from last year :)

    Come and say hi if you get a chance!