Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday styles

watched the niners game (we lost), crafted it up (0 for 2, but maybe one will come out ok), joined chictopia (friend me: signature_styles). outfit post and craft pics to come soon...after my nap. have i mentioned i've been exhausted lately??

UPDATE!!! took a nap (second of the weekend), ate a delicious homecooked meal, and now i'm ready to share!

comfy sunday outfit: leggings, vintage buffalo plaid top, vintage  patterned sweater, minnetonka moccs. warm, stylish, and cozy!

so i attempted the textured container DIY project from ps-i made this and this one turned out alright. i took an old edamame container and some puffy paint, dotted it up and spray painted! i think a bottle might look a little better but this one serves the purpose..and looks good with those bangles! i also tried the 'summer scarf' with an old tee and it is very reminiscent of a lion...oops!

enjoy the last few hours of weekend!!

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