Tuesday, November 3, 2009

you only want what you can't have

you know that saying? well i can attest that is does not only apply to babies and/or lovelorn teenagers. i recently had to tighten the old purse strings and really watch what i am spending. which for me is just not spending at all, i can't do that only spend a little junk. i can justify too many things. this started this weekend and i was very good: i was at school, then a concert, then home, and the park all weekend. no opportunity to shop. well monday morning rolled around and my wishlist is all of a sudden miles long and full of things i actually must have NOW.

1. lessons on how to "slappa tha bass." for reals, i really want to learn how to play. bad enough that i air-bass in the shower (tmi?)

tina weymouth, bassist and founding member of the talking heads

2. neon long handle totes that i saw in the window of marc by marc as i rode by on the bus

pic from iwantbags.blogspot.com

3. dress side story from modcloth,  seen on rebecca here.

pic from modcloth. 

4. brown booties/oxfords like these. i would probs switch out the laces, btdubs. and also these.

pic from etsy via style hive. 

5. ringtones for my phone: fleet foxes, rilo kiley, beyonce, lil wayne, fleetwood mac, omg so many i want!

pic from gingerasia.com
later tonight i might try harder to add an mp3 to this post. too much for right now

6. birthday present for my brother. rather, a late birthday present for my brother. oops!

7. completely awesome YSL earrings from market publique

pic from market publique

ok that's it for now, but i know i can think of more. i cannot wait till i balance my budget or close the deficit or whatever it is they do. private sector?

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  1. jeeze babe. slappin da base in the shower?