Thursday, November 5, 2009

wait wait no it's Na-Blo-Po-Mo. as in, national blog posting month. i learned about this from the lovely julia and i think it is a great personal goal to set. and quite timely given that it feels like forevs since i've posted even though it's been A DAY. (granted yesterday was the longest day of all time.) 

so the deal is that i post every day and you read every day. and for shits n' giggs let's throw in another part of the deal: try and tell one person about this blog. and they will tell one person and they will tell one person and they will tell one person and then it will be great! i'll hop on that bandwagon too and tell one person everyday about my blog (hello, self-promotion) aaaaaand if the traffic to this site jumps significantly i will offer a give-away at the end of the month! if that's not incentive for all parties then i don't know what is!

ok ready...1, 2, 3, go!

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