Friday, November 6, 2009

lesson #1

the first (and in my opinion, only) rule in fashion is...have fun! fashion is all about expressing yourself letting your true colors shine. it shouldn't be worrisome or hard to figure out...just get out there and have fun! to illustrate my point i'm going to share the following "photoshoot" with you, dear readers. i hope you enjoy!

despite the fact that i wanted to crash tonight after a lovely dinner and stroll, i knew i needed to put together a blog post so i could start of my monthly challenge on the right foot. so i set up the camera and timer and all that and gave it my best shot. after fumbling around with the zoom/focus i enlisted the help of my brother to take some outfit shots. this is what happened:

one decent (if that) outfit shot, which lead to...

...silliness, which lead to...

...funny faces, which lead to...

...picking up the dog (don't worry, cody loves getting picked up), which lead to...

the dog making funny faces too!

so as you can tell it was pretty hilarious and fun and i still got to a)share my oufit and b)check off another day on the month of posts! c'est parfait, non?

check out more silly pics and outfit deets after the jump!

what i'm wearing:
shirt: jcrew. skirt: american apparel. knee-highs: loehmans. shoes: jeffrey campbell. belt: hand-me-up (?) from my cousin. bangle: hermes. ring: antique. cody: the pound.

happy friday!!

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