Wednesday, November 11, 2009

make a wish

after some suprisingly expensive dental procedures (even with insurance!) and some early christmas shopping bills to pay, it is unrealistic even to make a list of things i would get if i could. instead, my wednesday wishlist is something that cannot be bought. in essence, my wishlist today is YOU!

more than anything material right now, i wish for this blog to be a success. i wish for readers all over the world. i wish for people to find me relatable. i wish that i may inspire even one reader the way i have been inspired by other bloggers. i wish that i can continue to write and ramble about the silly things that make me happy. i wish signaturestyles opens doors for everyone to meet, discuss, collaborate, design, debate, model, style, share, laugh, learn and try something new. i wish for new and exciting ideas all the time so i never bore my readers. and i wish for your suggestions and help to makes this into a dream come true....

and remember, if you help make my wishes come true (tell a friend to stop by the blog and take a look!!) then i will offer a giveaway (hint hint: goodies from paris!)

also, i wish you all a very happy vererans day. 

1 comment:

  1. Heres to making your wishes come true!