Wednesday, November 18, 2009

richard avedon

attention: bay area readers!! get yourself to the SFMOMA asap to see the avedon exhibit before it leaves on nov26. it is so amazing. avedon's breadth of work is a fascinating mixture of fashion, politics, art, and social commentary. and honestly, his skill is out-of-this-world. each shot features beautiful details, perfect depth of field, and framing that leaves nothing to be desired. i don't know how to say it, i'm not a photo person, but seriously y'all this stuff is amazing.  go to for more info on where the exhibit will be next and where else you can see it. it is sooooo so worth it, i swearz!

here is the snippidiest little snippet of a look into avedon's portfolio. some of these photos were in the exhibit i saw, but i found them all on the richard avedon website (seriously, go there).

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