Monday, November 16, 2009

jump start

good monday-morning! so... OOPS my b!  i didn’t post this weekend. at all. but i didn’t do a lot of things that i usually do on the weekend, so don’t take it personally. friday night me and my man went on a movie date and saw pirate radio. not only is it hilarious, the super retro clothes are a trip! then with no class saturday i slept in waaaaay late (which is so luxurious, btw), had a lovely brunch at home, and then went to a friend’s b-day bbq in ggp (post on that later this evening).  since the 49ers weren’t playing on sunday, that meant we could actually leave the couch and go do something. matt and i went to the SFMOMA and saw the richard avedon exhibit—which was ahhh-mazing (post on that later too), had a bite, and eventually made our way home. despite my loathing of fall weather, it was nice to be outside and have a purely recreational weekend.

oh ALSO! while i was busy non-blogging, one of the Best Dressed Bloggers linked me on her blog!! WHOA this is BIG NEWS and i pretty much died. if you don’t believe me you should go check out my hyperlinked name… Ha I LOVE it!!!

ps...going to see GIRLS this weekend, love this song....apparently it's about a girl i know?! small world!

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